Consulting and Custom Made

• One of the world’s largest fried-snacks producers wanted to introduce a new line of one of its brands using a hot seasoning with a Mexican flavor. At Industria Agricola Maya we developed a unique seasoning for them, based on a secret combination of hot peppers and spices that contributed to the success of their product.

• The chef at a European restaurant chain requested our support to create a range of sauces that showcased the unique flavors of Mexico, which are to this day among the disctintive signature of his restaurants.

In addition to our line of products based on processing natural Mexican hot peppers and tomatillo, get in touch with us if you need to develop a unique flavor or a special mix for your company (Minimum Order Quantities apply).

We offer consulting, develop custom made products and cater to businesses of all sizes, from small restaurants to global brands, in all continents. Give us a call!