The Yucatan Peninsula is home to one of the world’s hottest peppers: The Habanero chili, which started our history in 2002.
With the goal of contributing to the development of the Mexican agricultural sector through the use of Best Production Practices, research and development of innovative products and processes, Industria Agricola Maya was founded to produce, transform and market products based on Mexican agriculture.

Initially we only processed Habanero hot peppers; currently Indamaya processes a wide range of agricultural products and exports to 11 countries in 4 continents.

• Habanero hot pepper purée (green, red and orange).

• Dehydrated Habanero hot pepper, powdered or flaked.

• Jalapeño hot pepper purée (green).

• Dehydrated Jalapeño hot pepper, powdered or flaked.

• Dehydrated Chipotle hot pepper, powdered.

• Chipotle hot pepper purée.

• Tomatillo (husk tomato) purée.

• Poblano hot pepper purée.

• Chipotle and Pasilla hot peppers seasoning, powdered.

We can also develop custom made products and flavors for your brand, as we have done for some of the world’s most important fried snack manufacturers, or produce, bottle or pack private label products.


Develop, process and market agriculture-based food products, offering high quality products to the Mexican and international markets, focused on satisfying the requirements and needs of our customers.


To be recognized globally as the leading business in the development, processing and marketing of food products from land produce from the Yucatan Peninsula, based on technological innovation, the development of our personnel, the sustainability of the production chain and in satisfying our customers.


• Honesty.
• Belonging & Identification.
• Responsibility.
• Commitment
• Respect.
• Humbleness.
• Service Excellence.
• Teamwork and Integrity.