As a solid company founded in 2002, the trustworthiness of Industria Agricola Maya to always deliver processed Mexican hot pepper and tomatillo products on time, with high quality and consistency, have allowed us to be consumed in 4 continents, offering a wide range of chili and tomatillo products; we also develop unique flavors for special customers.


Being certified by FDA, IFS Global Markets Food and Kosher is an additional guarrantee for our customers, who are mainly in the food and processed food industries, (including manufacturers of packaged snacks, cold meats/delicatessen, dairy products and sweets); laboratories that develop final products, seasonings and flavorings; hotels and restaurants; wholesalers, exporters and importers.

We invite you to discover our wide range of products made with:

Habanero hot pepper

Jalapeño hot pepper

Chipotle hot pepper

Poblano hot pepper


Other agricultural products.

We also develop “Green Label” (preservative free) products.