PROCESS: We develop formulas combining powdered hot peppers with ingredients that help impart a unique favor to the dishes and products in which our seasonings are used.

SEASONINGS MAIN USES: Used mainly to be added to fresh fruits and vegetables, soups, confectionery, and any food to which it can impart a delicious flavor, including seasoning of beef, pork, poultry, fish and seafood prior to cooking.

Seasonings presentations


20 kgs. box

(2 transparent poliethylene bags, 10 kg each, inside a pigmented polyethilene bag).

Industria Agricola Maya - Seasonings varieties

Chipotle-Pasilla hot peppers seasoning

CONSISTENCY: This fine, dark-colored powdered seasoning results from the combination of the ingredients in precise amounts, for a unique acid-sweet-salty, slightly piquant flavor and a smoky aroma. The product is not subjected to any sanitization process.
INGREDIENTS: Salt, cítric acid, fried and groud pasilla and chipotle hot peppers, and silicon dioxide.